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  • Gillian Hayes

    Gillian Hayes

  • Daniel Spagnolo

    Daniel Spagnolo

    UX/UI Product Designer / Striving to build products that are inclusive and make peoples lives better.

  • Thomas Blatt

    Thomas Blatt

    I’m a Senior User Experience Designer in a corporation. On a mission to create better products and connect design with business.

  • Flavien Plouzennec

    Flavien Plouzennec

    UX Designer @xwerx. Former journalist and manager @nice_matin

  • Anindyabx


  • Javiera


    UX y User researcher, parte del equipo @medible

  • Dharini Chandrashekar

    Dharini Chandrashekar

    Designer in making ✏️

  • Sam Saenz

    Sam Saenz

    UX Content Designer (, Travel & Food Writer (, and sometimes journalist in Miami, Florida.

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